Retail Tools & Objectives

In my perspective, retail ultimate goal is the one and only, increasing net profit by percentage and amount. Although these days we can see a new way to make an appraisal to company performance such as company valuation and also customer growth, but still in the end your company net profit and EAT is the only matter. And to achieve it we have to break it down to several tools and objectives below.


Purchasing Tools
1. Target Gross Margin (General and Detail per Dept)

2. Pricing strategy

3. Budgeting quarterly
4. Lookbook planning quarterly
Distribution Tools
1. Distribution master planning (per stores and per category)
2. Lead time distribusi dan retur counter
3. Error handling counter and optimize Stock Opname system
Analyst  Tools
1. Sales figure complete per articles
2. Markdown/Downgrade plan
3. Margin and Budgeting evaluation quarterly

4. Online data analyst and web performance

Operation Tools
1. Visual Merchandise plan per week
2. Target sales and incentives
3. Optimized Stock Opname System for Loss Preventives
4. SOP online sales operational
Promotional Tools
1. Budgeting promo (online dan offline)
2. Media sosial management (FB dan IG)
3. Google Ads (Search, Display Ads, Youtube)
4. FB Ads (FB dan Instagram)
5. Customer database and loyalty program
Supporting Tools
1. Web Ecommerce
2. KPI dan BSC program
3. Asset management program

4. Store development program