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You will see the world what you carry in your heart

-craig crippen-



Data analyst, retail management consultant, digital marketing enthusiast, and those kind of boring numbers job but still important to many lives.


Retail Multi Channel Sales with ERP (Offline Store, Website+Marketplaces)

In the last 4 months, i’ve been busy to set up an ERP for retail store. Now it’s finally come to finalize settings and live implementation. As we know it, nowadays for retail industry is impossible to count on only for offline store and website. Marketplaces are growing so fast with their capital money for …

The Art of Cache Layer

On my other website which is had quite high traffic with 47.000++ members, i used several layers of cache to handle traffic spikes. My software specs are running on WordPress 5.5, PHP 7.4.5, MariaDB 10.5.5, Centos 7 with Sentora Panel, Apache Web Server and PHP-FPM Server for PHP Handler. Opcache, first thing first, this module …

Content Marketing and Value Point

Content marketing memegang peran kunci dalam digital promotion saat ini. Dimana dengan semakin banyaknya content yang menarik ditampilkan oleh semua pemain bisnis, maka sangat penting untuk kita menampilkan content yang bukan hanya menarik tetapi juga konsisten dan memberikan value pada calon customer. Content yang seringkali dibuat antara lain ; infographic products, blog post, video youtube, …