Retail Tools & Objectives

In my perspective, retail ultimate goal is the one and only, increasing net profit by percentage and amount. Although these days we can see a new way to make an appraisal to company performance such as company valuation and also customer growth, but still in the end your company net profit and EAT is the only matter. And to achieve it we have to break it down to several tools and objectives below.


Purchasing Tools
1. Target Gross Margin (General and Detail per Dept)

2. Pricing strategy

3. Budgeting quarterly
4. Lookbook planning quarterly
Distribution Tools
1. Distribution master planning (per stores and per category)
2. Lead time distribusi dan retur counter
3. Error handling counter and optimize Stock Opname system
Analyst  Tools
1. Sales figure complete per articles
2. Markdown/Downgrade plan
3. Margin and Budgeting evaluation quarterly

4. Online data analyst and web performance

Operation Tools
1. Visual Merchandise plan per week
2. Target sales and incentives
3. Optimized Stock Opname System for Loss Preventives
4. SOP online sales operational
Promotional Tools
1. Budgeting promo (online dan offline)
2. Media sosial management (FB dan IG)
3. Google Ads (Search, Display Ads, Youtube)
4. FB Ads (FB dan Instagram)
5. Customer database and loyalty program
Supporting Tools
1. Web Ecommerce
2. KPI dan BSC program
3. Asset management program

4. Store development program



VPS Migration Centos 7 with Sentora PHP 7

I just need to write it down, so just in case we need to move the VPS again I can call it out. Here are the steps :

  1. Find another cheaper and reliable VPS. Found it in Germany VPS provider, . Surprisingly affordable and reliable. My choice goes to VPS SSD size M which is only 8.99 EUR per month, with more than enough specs. Just check their web for prices and specs
  2. Backed up my old files and databases in my old VPS
  3. Setup my new VPS with clean install OS (contabo provided it just pick it up on the list), minimum requirement, Centos 7 64bit.
  4. Preparing for control panel installation, I use Sentora, the details are here :
  5. Because sentora comes with outdated PHP, Mysql, and Modules, so we need to upgrade them one by one. However I love Sentora, it was like CP for dummies, which is I am, just can’t move on to another CP yet.
  6. Upgrade MariaDB 5.5 to 10.1, check this out
  7. Upgrade PHP 5.4 to 7.3, check this out
  8. The Important thing to do before PHP upgrade is to disable PHP-Suhosin extension. Use yum remove php-suhosin, otherwise just commented at php-suhosin conf file at /etc/php.d
  9. Make sure that your earlier PHP extension installed, mine were /10-opcache.ini, /20-bcmath.ini, /20-bz2.ini, /20-calendar.ini, /20-ctype.ini, /20-curl.ini, /20-dom.ini, /20-exif.ini, /20-fileinfo.ini, /20-ftp.ini, /20-gd.ini, /20-gettext.ini, /20-iconv.ini, /20-imap.ini, /20-intl.ini, /20-json.ini, /20-ldap.ini, /20-mbstring.ini, /20-mysqlnd.ini, /20-pdo.ini, /20-phar.ini, /20-posix.ini, /20-shmop.ini, /20-simplexml.ini, /20-sockets.ini, /20-sqlite3.ini, /20-sysvmsg.ini, /20-sysvsem.ini, /20-sysvshm.ini, /20-tokenizer.ini, /20-xml.ini, /20-xmlwriter.ini, /20-xsl.ini, /30-mcrypt.ini, /30-mysqli.ini, /30-pdo_mysql.ini, /30-pdo_sqlite.ini, /30-wddx.ini, /30-xmlreader.ini, /30-xmlrpc.ini, /40-apcu.ini, /40-zip.ini, /imagick.ini. And plus ioncube loader for PHP 7.3. Imprortant link : And
  10. So we now have updated PHP and MariaDB, is that all? unfortunately not. Sentora old modules like phpsysinfo and roundcube webmail won’t be running in our new system, so we will updating them also. We’ll take care of them later, first thing first. We need to set up domain and DNS in sentora. So easy, easiest control panel is sentora.
  11. After domain and DNS all set up, then we prepare to copy the web backup file from the old directory VPS to new one using scp command via SSH. . And then we import our database using mysql -u username -p databasename < databasenamebackup.sql
  12. Because i use WordPress as CMS and already activated SSL on my web so i have to revert it temporarily in wp-config file (by add define site ulr to http://) and deactivated the SSL plugin by renaming it.
  13. Luckily i have set up Cloudflare as my CDN so it makes so much easier for migrating the website. Just deactivated SSL and change the IP Address pointing to new VPS and voila, it was running in an instant, no need to wait for propagation.
  14. So we now have a fully running website but still not with an SSL connection. And we have to set up certbot installation for a free SSL certificate from Letsencrypt. and don’t forget to set up crontab to auto-renewal the certificate
  15. Is that all? not yet. We have to configure the SSL connection through the 443 port in Sentora.
  16. We have a fully functional SSL website and now it’s time to fix Sentora’s old modules so it can running properly.
  17. Updating Phpsysinfo, just copy the new release to it’s app directory at /etc/sentora/panel/etc/apps/phpsysinfo
  18. Updating Roundcube email, Fixing roundcube password change for user Fixing SMTP connection on roundcube mail change config file at /etc/sentora/configs/roundcube and /etc/sentora/panel/etc/apps/webmail/config, the file is
  19. Using TLS for sending email, cek dovocot file config, Postfic and
  20. Using vhost to making working But still, you have to configure DNS zone manually via SSH since I don’t know somehow you can’t add A record of this webmail into your sentora. Here’s the location /etc/sentora/configs/bind/zones
  21. Fixing proftpd not installed on centos 7
  22. Fixing FTP page not showing up
  23. Updating PhpMyAdmin, basically the same as Phpsysinfo.
  24. You might want to add a swap file on your centos server
  25. Last add, change my MPM apache from prefork to the event so it can handle much more server requests. And for that, we also have to install and configure PHP handler from mod_php to mod_fcgi or PHP-FPM. Check this one out
  26. I’ve tried to use PHP 8.1 on sentora and it failed. So i decided to use different PHP version 7.4 for sentora and 8.1 for websites. It works!
  27. Install Suhosin alternative for PHP74 (Snuffleupagus) for Centos7

    Install Howto

    1. Download latest remi-release rpm from
    2. Install remi-release rpm:
      # rpm -Uvh remi-release*rpm
    3. Install php73-php-snuffleupagus rpm package:
      # yum --enablerepo=remi install php73-php-snuffleupagus

28. Setup DKIM, SPF and Dmarc for good email server authentication and deliverability


Business Insight 2020

Pandemi ini harusnya mengingatkan kita semua bahwa siapapun dapat dengan mudahnya mati tanpa melihat berapa banyak harta dimiliki. Ini ditulis saat global inequality menunjukkan bahwa hanya cukup 1% manusia di bumi untuk menguasai 45% total kekayaan dunia, sehingga cukup mudah untuk menarik kesimpulan bahwa jika kekayaan dunia yang dikuasai segelintir orang tidak segera dibuatkan rerata yang lebih baik maka dunia akan berakhir lebih cepat daripada yang kita bayangkan, bukan karena pandemi tetapi karena gejolak ekonomi.

Pajak tidak cukup adil untuk mengalahkan global inequality, karena sudah konsep dasar manusia untuk mencintai harta sehingga cara-cara menghindarinya dapat dengan mudah ditemukan.

Dulu terpikir oleh kita jika ingin membantu orang jangan berikan ikan padanya tapi berilah kail, hanya saja saat pandemi seperti ini alih-alih memberikan kail, kolamnya pun kering.

CSR atau WPSR (Wealthy People Social Responsibility) adalah satu-satunya cara untuk support pemerintahan di seluruh dunia dalam menghadapi krisis ekonomi global. Ini saat-saat krusial yang akan menentukan peradaban dunia. Berapa banyak yang harus dikeluarkan untuk hal ini? apakah kita berharap 10% dari total harta, mungkin itu maksimal, tetapi jika WPSR menyentuh 2.5% sajapun itu pasti sudah cukup.

Sejarah akan mencatat bahwa saat ini semua bisnis yang bertahan bukanlah bisnis yang menahan uang karena tidak mempunyai pemasukan, tetapi sebaliknya bisnis yang mengeluarkan uang untuk membantu itulah yang akan bertahan dan berkembang pesat di masa yang akan datang.

Menarik melihat cara Tuhan mengingatkan manusia betapa tidak berharganya siapapun, apapun dan berapapun yang dimiliki hanya karena satu makhluk super kecil bernama virus.