Retail Multi Channel Sales with ERP (Offline Store, Website+Marketplaces)

In the last 4 months, i’ve been busy to set up an ERP for retail store. Now it’s finally come to finalize settings and live implementation.

As we know it, nowadays for retail industry is impossible to count on only for offline store and website. Marketplaces are growing so fast with their capital money for insane promotion. So we must have a single database for offline, website and also marketplaces.

Here in Indonesia we have 3 top marketplaces which are Tokopedia, Shopee and Lazada, so we have to make all them 3 to connect to our store ERP database.

Here are the connection

ERP online database >>> using API >>> connect to Ecommerce Store Website >>> using Website API >>> connect to Marketplaces.

So website sync products, stock qty, images, weight from ERP online database, also send order from website and updated it to ERP database.

Meanwhile for marketplaces, from website we make plugins to connect to markeplaces api to uploads websites data such as products, qty, category, images, weight etc. And also gather order and sales from marketplace to website so it can be updated to ERP database.

So many connection here but i think it inevitable nowadays if we want still competitive in this online business. And we won’t stop here, because we will continue to social media commerce connection too, so we easily sells on Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

What a project, love it.

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